Jill : how to

To run jill you will need to set up a netcat listener on your machine. This listener will sit and wait for data to be sent to it. In this case it will be a cmd shell from the target server. Using the below command: nc -l -p 1234 -vv will set up the listener on port 1234 and the -vv tells the program to be very verbose. Note the nc program that comes with Fedora Linux will not work as a listener. You will need to download/compile the program from it's original source.

Now, that your listener is running you can run the exploit code. this will send the payload to the target server...which should send its command prompt to my listener...Notice the windows prompt on the top shell window where the listener was. When this exploit is successful there is no evidence in the logs. This exploit only affected the IIS 5 SP0 and SP1.