VBS/dlH - Say hello Virus source code

The virus when ran will go through each directory in the infected machine and will write a 'Hello' note for each file and subfolder it finds in the directory.

NOTE: Since this Virus writes a 'Hello' note in each directory (each directory containing a file or subfolder) it also writes a note in c:\documents and settings\all users\start menu\programs\start up\ ...even if you have NO visible or hidden files in that directory. The reason being there is (Win NT - XP) a hidden system file in there called 'desktop.ini'...this will make the 'hello' note launch on next reboot.

NOTE: I set this one loose on a test machine and took a screen shot of the results...click here to see that image.

Classification: This Virus is NON destructive.

Method of uninfection: Delete, delete, delete, delete and on and on. I have written a removal script for this Virus. The code for the removal tool can be downloaded here. NOTICE: The removal tool simply goes through the PC and deletes files with .hello extensions (the same made by the Virus). Now, This should normally be ok but if for any reason you have a file ending with a .hello extension then back it up before running this. Please do not use this tool for anything other than it's intended purpose.

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