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Tropical PC Solutions: Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy

  • Web Hosting Services:
  • Tropical PC Solutions strives to maintain a quality experience for our customers/clients at all times. Needless to say, our hosting company's servers experience a 95% up time. This means that your web files will be available when desired. We are not responsible for any monetary loss due to any power outages or any other reason which would cause the server to become unavailable. Outages DO happen!

    It is recommended that you keep your files backed up locally on your hard drive. We are not responsible for lost data be-it by error, hacker, act of God or any other reason.

  • Programming codes:
  • You may use any code written by TPCS as long as its use follows the GNU-GPL license (See below). You may copy, use, redistribute, modify this code as you see fit for your personal use. If you republish this code you will also make available the original source code and credit.

    If you download any code written by someone else, you are under the restrictions set forth by the original author(s). You will need to notify the original author(s) as to any details pertaining to their work.

  • Widget Submissions:
  • Before you submit a widget/gadget to us please read and consider the following:

    You need to make sure the widget works (In both Firefox and Windows)! You need to make sure to include the xml file. If your widget is HTML content and you need us to make the xml file then be sure to send us the necessary information. Zip your files up in a .zip file, not a .tar or.rar file. If your widget is HTML content that is hosted off of your server space then send us the link and information via email. We used to simply ask that you give credit where credit is due...Now, if your request/submission involves material belonging to someone else then you must make sure to get their permission to use the content. We are not responsible for the content that you submit/request! We will cooperate with any agency/individual that contacts us in reference to the DMCA, so make sure you comply.

  • Purchases via our eStore(s)
  • When purchasing items from our eStores all of your transaction details are handled securely by Amazon.com. At no time do we have access to your personal information.

  • Donations and other miscellaneous purchases
  • If you make a donation or a small purchase from us using the Google or Paypal buttons then rest assured knowing that your personal information is handled securely by either Google or Paypal. We at no time have access to any of your personal information.

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