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Tropical PC Solutions: Web Design Solutions

Having a website is a great way to reach people all over the world. Reports have shown that small businesses with an online presence have more reach and do better than a small business without a company website. TPCS will design and build you or your company a website starting at $500.

Florida's Best Beaches and Surf Spots

This website showcases the main cities in Florida and their associated beaches and surfing spots.

Tropical PC Solutions: Web Design Solutions

Beyond Astronomy, information for amateur astronomers

This website has information for amateur astronomers or anyone interested in the topic of astronomy.

Tropical PC Solutions: Web Design Solutions

Take Two Apps

This project was created to host Chrome Apps

Take Two Apps

PhaseThree Apps

This site was created to host live demos of the Take Two apps.

Online App Demos

Tropical PC Solutions: Version 2

This was a side project for TPCS.

TPCS Version 2

Tropical PC Solutions: Version 3

This is the latest version of Tropical PC Solutions.

TPCS Version 3

To see some of my older (no longer maintained) projects click here.