How to Build Websites for Fun and Profit!

A beginners guide to success

Blogs and RSS feeds

Blogs have become rather popular with newcomers as publishing content via blogs is a lot easier than coding and managing your own websites. When deciding on what blog you want you will inevitably run across two main choices. Blogger or Wordpress.

Which is better?

This is a good question. The answer really depends on your future plans. Do you plan on getting serious about blogging then I would go ahead and set up a Wordpress blog. This will allow you to host your own content and you have much more control over the look and functionality of your blog.

On the other hand, Blogger offers a variety of tools that will suit most needs. I currently use Blogger but have also worked with Wordpress in the past. I am not a blogger so much as I needed an RSS feed in order to offer an email newsletter to my visitors.

Wordpress extras...

If you would like to add iGoogle gadgets, or any other web widgets to your Wordpress blog then you can read a basic how-to here.

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