How to Build Websites for Fun and Profit!

A beginners guide to success

How to choose a domain name for your website

This is an important aspect to your overall web presence. Your domain name is your website and email name. For instance, my domain name is and you can email me at You can also set up individual websites at sub-domain locations, e.g. and, so as you can see, you will be doing alot with your domain name so make sure to get one that you really want.

Choosing a hosting company

Choosing a hosting company is more important than you may initially realize. Choosing the wrong host can quickly lead to serious problems. As a general rule, never have the same company to register your domain names and host them. Also, and this is simply a personal preference for me, I wont have a company host my content that doesn't offer a phone number for me to reach them at in person.

Choosing a reliable web host takes on a whole new meaning when you host content for others as our NoBull Guestbook. We host these guestbooks for hundreds of regular users and when our hosting company has a server issue so do my customers, and I certainly hear of it! At present we use to host our content and that of our customers, and to-date we are very satisfied. We use their business pro plan and find that this easily covers all of our needs for a fair price.

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