How to Build Websites for Fun and Profit!

A beginners guide to success

So you want to build web content and maybe even profit from your work? It's a realistic goal if you are willing to work hard (as with most anything)! For starters, download my free eBook and read through it from beginning to end. If you know of others who would like to learn to build websites then feel free to give them these eBooks as well.

Choosing what type of site to build

The first thing to consider is what type of site you want to build. Are you needing to build a business site for a real world business, or perhaps a hobby/niche site? Are you looking to make money off of your website? Also, by now you should ask yourself if you want a full website or do you want to simply run a blog. Both have their advantages and disadvantages that I will discuss in greater detail later on.

Choosing a domain name and hosting company

The next step you must consider is deciding on what you want your domain name to be. For a business site I would simply choose if it is available. A domain name for a hobby/niche site can have more flexibility but it should still reflect the nature of the site e.g.,

Now, when choosing a domain name and hosting company it is important to remember to things:

  • 1) Get your domain name from the actual register such as and not a reseller.

  • 2) Do not have your site hosted by the same company that controls your domain name. I have read of more than one instance where an individual was charged an outrageous hosting charge/fee and when the person declined payment the hosting companies would not allow them to update their domain names et cetera.

Start building your content!

When you decide to start building your content you will need to decide on how you want to actually develop it. Do you want to write your own HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) or use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) code editor such as Nvu.

If you decide to develop content via a blog then your blog provider will most likely provide you with an editor for ease of use.

Add effects with programming

To get your content to do something interesting you usually need to add some programming codes. Within the web environment these programming codes will generally be in Javascript (client side) and PHP (server side).

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